OPINION: Let’s show our sons how to have healthy relationships

Tara Jeffrey One of my son’s favourite things to do right now is play with his big sisters’ dolls. I watch with delight as he wraps them in blankets and gently presses his 16-month-old lips together for a kiss, and I don’t think twice before letting him clutch gleefully onto his ‘baby’ while we’re out… Read more »

Province sends Sarnia’s cyclists a big gift-wrapped present

Troy Shantz Sarnia’s urban cycling network is about to slip into a higher gear. The city is getting $590,081 for biking-related enhancements already outlined in its Transportation Master Plan, thanks to a grant from Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan “This is very significant. It’s certainly more than we anticipated,” said David Jackson, the city’s manager… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 14

Driver involved in fatal collision deserved stiffer charge Sir: On Dec. 5, The Observer published a story under the headline: “Woman dies one week after crash.” That was my neighbour, and she died on Oct. 21. A Sarnia Police spokesman is quoted as stating that lengthier scene investigations are the norm when collisions involve life-threatening… Read more »

Engaging youth in political process goal of new initiative

Troy Shantz An initiative is in the works that could help high school students learn about government and democracy while completing mandatory volunteer hours. Talks have begun involving students and representatives from local municipal government and political parties to create volunteers placements, especially during elections. “All of the mechanics are in place,” said Bob Sutton,… Read more »

What’s happening: week of Dec. 14

What’s happening events must be open to the public, of general interest, 60 words or less, and received at least two weeks prior to the event. Please include ticket prices, if any, and a phone number or website where readers can obtain more information. Email notices to   Thursday, Dec. 14   Advent Organ… Read more »

Simulator giving young Sea Cadets a taste of the high seas

Troy Shantz New technology is allowing Sarnia’s Sea Cadets to get their feet wet without leaving dry land. The multi-console naval simulator mimics the bridge of a ship and shows cadets what it’s like to navigate on any ocean and lake in the world. “There’s 60 or 70 different ships in the program —anything from… Read more »

Hip exam

Ripening rose hips get a wash in the rain at the Perch Creek Habitat Management Area on Churchill Line. The seed pods are ebible and make good tea, jams and jelly. Glenn Ogilvie

New business helping woman overcome mental illness

Cathy Dobson There were days Monika Tihanyi could barely get out of bed. There are still days when she struggles. Despite decades of crippling depression and anxiety, the 45-year-old Sarnia woman says she never gave up; not in her personal life, not professionally, and not in business. “I want to give others hope if they… Read more »

City approves a budget packing a nearly 4% tax increase

Journal Staff Sarnia council approved a budget last week that raises property taxes by 3.67% but cuts back on direct customer services at City Hall. The $139.6-million spending package contains a $33 increase on every $100,000 of residential property assessment, money used to maintain parks and arenas, police and fire, and roads and transit. Rising… Read more »