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Young musician finds home in ‘Classic Seger’ ensemble

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Cathy Dobson

Sarnia’s Chris Molyneaux was filling out the paperwork for Canada Customs to get his music equipment across the border when the enormity of it hit him.

“I’m a professional musician,” he thought. “It’s all fallen into place and here I am going to do my first gig in the States.

“What an incredible feeling!”

Molyneaux, 28, has played saxophone primarily for Sarnia audiences for the past 15 years. He has his own Chris Molyneaux Jazz Trio that plays out regularly and has released a successful CD of original songs called Closer to Home.

But a year ago, his professional career took off in a direction he didn’t see coming.

A Bob Seger tribute band formed by brothers Darren and Ian McLeay ( approached Molyneaux to round out their nine-person ensemble.

“I knew right away these guys were pros,” he said. “They wanted to take the show on the road and had the talent to make it work.”

All Classic Seger band members are from the Sarnia area and include the McLeays, Molyneaux, Chris Reid, Steve McLaughlin, Andrew Borody, Rob McLaughlin, Roberto Gismondi and Liv Gogas.

Classic Seger band members include the McLeays, Molyneaux, Chris Reid, Steve McLaughlin, Andrew Borody, Rob McLaughlin, Roberto Gismondi and Liv Gogas (Jeff Friesen photo).

Molyneaux played his first show with Classic Seger in Chatham in October 2021 when masks were still mandatory. Audiences were thirsty for live music and the show sold out. Since then, the tribute band has played a dozen more shows in increasingly-large venues across Ontario, regularly selling out at theatres that seat 800 to 1,200 people.

“I thought I might get tired of playing the same songs over and over,” said Molyneaux. “That’s not happening. There’s definitely a thrill when we play ‘Turn the Page’ and people instantly go nuts.”

The Seger staple also happens to be Molyneaux’s favourite.

“I also love the opener ‘Shakedown’. It sets the tone for the night.”

Seger recorded Shakedown for Beverley Hills Cop II and it became his biggest hit in a career chock full of top 100 hits.

This Sunday, Classic Seger performs the band’s first U.S. show at the Detroit Music Hall. Tickets were still available as of press time for the show and also for a party bus transporting Sarnia fans to the concert (email [email protected] for bus tickets).

“I am so excited for this,” Molyneaux said. “I’ve done a lot of big shows but this is in the U.S. Classic Seger has definitely become my main gig.”

More Classic Seger shows are scheduled in Ontario in November, followed by a Florida tour in January.

“Looking back, I always thought I’d have to leave Sarnia in order to go after what I want,” Molyneaux said.  “But now I’m finding I can go out with a tour and come back here where I can relax.

“It’s good to be in Bright’s Grove when I can.”

Classic Seger takes up a big chunk of his time, yet Molyneaux is pursuing several other projects.

His trio – with Wesley Coillet-Taylor and Mark Athanasiadis – continues to play out and will perform at Fusion the afternoon of Nov. 12 at DeGroots Nursery.

He’s also having fun as a regular TikTok contributor (chrismolyneaux93), making 60-second videos almost daily for the past year. Most recently, he posted a collaboration with himself on sax, a pianist and a dog whimpering to a tune with perfect pitch and tempo. The post is called Sad Dog Song and has had more than two million views.

“If it was an album, it would be platinum,” he laughed. “I’m just reeling. What’s happening is absolutely wild.”

Aside from his music, Molyneaux also works full-time as a sterilization assistant.

The fact that he is autistic plays a part in every aspect of his life, he added.

“To ignore the fact that I am autistic would be less than honest,” he said. “Autism played a role in me finding music when I was young and focusing on it.

“In the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to turn music into a business and I consider myself very fortunate to have the kind of focus I have.

“A lot of people don’t have the same advantage.”


WHAT: Classic Seger: Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits Live

WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 23 @ 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Detroit Music Hall

TICKETS: $24 – $58. Visit or to purchase. Interested in the party bus leaving from Sarnia? Email [email protected].

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