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You can say that again: The best local quotes of 2019

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The Journal loves a good quote. Here are 10 that caught our eye in 2018.

10 –It’s sad. We’re going to miss this building as well as this neighbourhood. There’s a magic here that you can’t replace. A lot of the community still bleeds (Bomber) blue. But I know we’ll make new magic at the new location.”

History teacher Helen Crick, on the last day of classes at the former SCITS high school building.

9“This is all about breaking down barriers between cultural groups and helping them get to know one another.”

JB Global Market owner Joe Barkhouse, who invites hundreds of international college students to an annual Thanksgiving dinner he hosts.

8 “We’re not going to arrest our way out of addiction.”

– Sarnia Police Chief Norm Hansen, in January, responding citizen complaints about vagrancy and drug use.

7“By increasing class sizes in high school, we’re preparing them for the reality of post-secondary as well as the world of work.”

– Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson, arguing in April that larger class sizes and fewer teachers are good for students.

6 – “It’s also great for the other students at St. Patrick’s High School because they see everyone can do something, everyone can contribute, and everyone can belong.”

– Faculty lead Sarah Meza, on a successful coffee cart venture run almost entirely by special needs students.

5“Without it, people are going to kill themselves. It’s that simple.”

– Lorie Chevalier, president of the Sarnia-Lambton Chronic Pain Support Group, on a threatened cut in pain-blocking injections covered by OHIP.

4 – “I have never met anyone who woke up and said, ‘Today I’m going to start using drugs, I’m going to be homeless, I’m going to lose my children, I’m going to feel like an embarrassment to my family, I’m going to miss crucial events.’ It’s so individual… it could be one event that leads down that path, or it could be a multitude of smaller events.”

– Nikki Thomson, an outreach nurse with Lambton’s Harm Reduction and Hepatitis C Care Team.

3“Someone asked me if John had any children. I had no clue, but I answered with, ‘Yes. He had hundreds.’”

– Ashley Marsden, who organized a Dec. 8 tribute to crossing guard and bus driver John Wilson, who had no known family but was beloved by his young charges. A large crowd gathered at his crossing station in Corunna.

2“Basketball has taught me more than I can ever give back to the game. It’s remarkable how a couple of nets and a ball can bring together complete strangers from all over the world and instantly make them family.

– Northern Collegiate teacher and coach Kayla Herdman, who refereed the women’s gold medal basketball game at the U23 World Cup in China in October.

1 – “Bottom line, Mother Nature bats last.”

– Ontario Federation of Agriculture director Don McCabe, on this year’s poor corn harvest.







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