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Wrestling club comes up big at provincial championships

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Journal Staff

A Sarnia Wrestler struck gold recently at the 2017 Cadet and Juvenile Provincial Championships.

Nathan Moro, representing the Sarnia-Bluewater Wrestling Club, clinched first in the 76kg juvenile category at the Brampton, Ont. meet.

“He wrestled really well, made some great throws. He’s right at the top of his game right now,” said Tim Allen, one of the club’s coaches.

Moro, a Grade 12 student at St. Patrick’s High School, was one of 38 wrestlers who represented the Sarnia-based club. Twenty-two of them had top six finishes in their respective categories.

Howard Moffatt (cadet, 76 kg) and Mya Sandrin (cadet, 43 kg), each won silver, and Quinn Jennings, (cadet, 76 kg), Brent Swain (cadet, 85 kg), Taijah Allen, (cadet, 49 kg) and Emma McLaughlin (juvenile, 69 kg), earning bronze.

“It was probably one of the highest level of competition I’ve seen in a few years. The athletes were really extremely good all around,” said Allen.


Nathan Moro (Juvenile, 76 kg): 1st

Howard Moffatt (Cadet, 76 kg): 2nd

Quinn Jennings (Cadet, 76 kg): 3rd

Brent Swain (Cadet, 85 kg): 3rd

Perry Moffatt (Cadet, 42 kg): 4th

Adam VanderSlagt (Cadet, 50 kg): 4th

Patrick Golob (Cadet, 72 kg): 4th

Sebastian Demers (Cadet, 76 kg): 4th

Peyton Armitage (Cadet, 69 kg): 5th

Benjamin Parent (Cadet, 50 kg): 6th



Mya Sandrin (Cadet, 43 kg): 2nd

Taijah Allen (Cadet, 49 kg): 3rd

Emma McLaughlin (Juvenile, 69 kg): 3rd

Erin Cromwell (Juvenile, 48 kg): 4th

Sarah Wilson (Cadet, 49 kg): 4th

Kayla Hunt (Cadet, 52 kg): 4th

McKenna Leong (Juvenile, 52 kg): 4th

Talitha Allen (Juvenile, 60 kg): 4th

J. J. Thomson (Cadet, 65 kg): 4th

Erin Sanderson (Cadet, 49 kg): 5th

Hannah VanderSlagt (Juvenile, 53 kg): 6th

Kala Wagg (Cadet, 56 kg): 6th

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