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Wrastlin’ city councillor tries different kind of canvassing

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Troy Shantz

Handcuffs. A smack to the face. A kick to the gut. Another weekend for Sarnia Councillor Brian White.

White and pro wrestler “Sebastian Suave” and his manager, Anthony “Kingdom” James, came to blows at a sold-out wrestling event at the Station Music Hall on Nov. 25.

And now the dust has settled, White is expected back in the ring one more time to fight in a tag-team match scheduled for Jan. 19.

“I had no indication in July when I first bought a ticket … that I’d be involved in any way,” said White.

The rivalry has been brewing since Suave and Kingdom James started an online feud with White last summer. Following a scuffle at September’s Smash Wrestling event, it was decided White and Kingdom James should be handcuffed to each other during the Nov. 25 match between Suave and opponent Brent Banks.

Kingdom James, who’s known for outside interference, tried to

skew the match in his guy’s favour. Suave noticed White was preventing his manager from getting involved and smacked the city councillor across the face.

But Banks regained control, pinned Suave and won the match fair-and-square.

But after the bell sounded the defeated pair launched an attack against White and Banks that left Banks flat on the mat and White handcuffed to the ropes.

“He said, all (Kingdom James) really wants is to get his hands on me, but the only legal way to do it would be for me to agree to participate in a wrestling match,” said White.

Before the packed Station crowd White agreed to the scrap, and intends to train with Smash Wrestling champion Tyson Dux to get prepared. White said he’s developing a special move called ‘The Parking Ticket.”

During the match, at least one fan called out to needle White about the long-delayed boat launch in Centennial Park.

Does White’s foray into the ring foreshadow his re-election strategy?

“It has nothing to do with an election campaign. I had no idea whether it would help or hurt my chances, I didn’t put any thought into that,” White said with a laugh.

“It’s something new that the community didn’t have.”

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Wrestler Sebastian Suave, left, and manager Anthony “Kingdom” James, handcuff Sarnia Coun. Brian White to the ropes during a Nov. 25 Smash Wrestling event at the Station Music Hall. White has agreed to participate in a tag-team match on Jan 19.
Troy Shantz



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