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Week of November 25

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Reducing our carbon footprint isn’t as easy as it sounds

Sir: Regarding Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley’s call for an energy summit.

Going Green has hit centre stag, but I just don’t know how we can ‘flip the switch.’

Even electric cars require motors (copper), batteries, foam seats, rubber tires and aluminum bodies (from mills).

My home is not wired to support electric heating. I paid to have a home efficiency program completed and installed a high efficiency gas furnace, insulation, new widows and doors. This was my personal choice.

I question our hydro resources. Wind turbines require infrastructure, are expensive and a maintenance headache. Solar farms displace farmland, and the crops that bring food to our tables.

And I can speak from firsthand experience that hydrogen is not green. It is cracked from natural gas.

While I do believe industry can make a difference, I don’t believe climate change lays completely on it shoulders. We will need oil, and we will need gas. Let’s not fool ourselves.

If we want to reduce our carbon footprint, we could shut down drive-throughs at fast food establishments, with cars lined up on the street. We’re too lazy to park and walk 15 feet? Stand in line again and chat with the person next to you. What a concept, people interacting with people.

Reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ begins with our daily habits. If we’re Going Green, I’m in!

But remember, ‘to make one thing clean, you make another thing dirty.’


Michael Murray


Story on Métis artist Jason Baerg appreciated

Sir: Your recent article (Nov. 18) on the Sarnia roots of international artist Jason Baerg is another excellent example of how local journalism reflects community identity and character, and brings us together through heighted awareness.

If we had access only to national media we might never know of people like Jason, and we would miss so many things that make us who we are within our neighbourhoods and our cultures.

No doubt, the kind of recognition your paper achieves amongst our community members is a direct contributor to the growth of real understanding and reconciliation in Sarnia-Lambton. May your talent and success continue to be part of our future here!

Bob Sutton


Remembrance stories revealed human side of war

Sir: Regarding the Nov. 11 Sarnia Remembers edition.

What a great job the three historians did in showing the very human side of those who died in the two world conflicts and how it affected our local community.

Congratulations to Tom Slater, Tom St. Amand and Randy Evans for their research and writing skills. The photographs added to the telling of the stories.

Well done, and congratulations to The Sarnia Journal for publishing the tribute.

Peter Westfall


Special tribute to war heroes a keeper

Sir: A short note of congratulations and appreciation for the Nov. 11th “A Special Tribute To Our Heroes.”

An impressive and touching account of the sacrifices made by Local Heroes. Thank you. I have saved the issue for my family to read, future generations included.

Bob O’Driscoll

Port Franks

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