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Week of March 1

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Thank you, Sarnia Sting for a terrific year on and off the ice

Sir: I would like to say how profoundly happy and proud I am of the owners, coaches and support staff of the Sarnia Sting OHL club this year.

It’s been the best year in their history to date, setting many in-house records and bringing in such a great crew of players to make our team competitive.

This year, I believe, opponents must take a deep breath when they know the Sting are coming to town.

Behind the scenes, the owners have organized events such as the honouring of alumnus Steven Stamkos. They are always involved in off-ice activities that benefit the community, and just recently gave support to the Pathways organization.

They have made many arena updates at great expense, and the list goes on.

With only a few home games left this season we are at least assured of a playoff run.

The sad thing about this league is it’s always preparing these young men for future endeavours in the NHL. We will lose some elite players next year, but the crew above knows how to go out and search for replacements.

All the best to the Sarnia Sting for the remainder of this year, and a big thank you for this great season.

With special thanks to owners Derian Hatcher and David Legwand for resurrecting the team. Now we need the public support to cheer them on.

Bill Douglas Sr.



The next city council could ditch new ‘Acting Mayor’ position

Sir: Regarding the article ‘Acting Mayor Approved’ in the Feb. 15 edition.

Why would you even bother to take up space with that since it does not take effect until after the next city council are in place. Even then, it may well never take place.

The first thing that Mayor Bradley will discuss with the new council is the Procedural Bylaw, where they will clear out anything that they do not want before starting the new tenure.

Isn’t it rather premature to announce something new that may never take place? Why not wait until you are sure, before publishing?

Moreover, why is council wasting so much time in trying to tell the new council what to do before they have even been elected or taken office.

I’m sure any potentially new candidates for council will not appreciate being told what to think and what to do by a defunct council who is now on the way out! What a ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ money.

Clearly, the current council thinks they will all be re-elected, otherwise what would be the point of wasting so much time on creating rules for the next council. And with such specificity on title — Deputy Mayor or Acting Mayor! Such incorrigibility amongst the municipal ranks!

Hopefully, the brand new council will find much more beneficial matters in which to invest time and money, such as representing the Sarnia citizens and working on their behalf as they should.

Margaret Bird

Bright’s Grove





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