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Week of January 4

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Here’s to a City Hall that’s mundane and predictable

Sir: After reading about and observing the drama that has unfolded at City Hall these past few years, I think there is more than enough credit available, not only for the mayor, but also for the terrific supporting cast who perform on the stage at 255 Christina Street North.

While entertaining, I hope there is no sequel after the next election on Oct. 22, 2018.

I prefer my local politics mundane and predictably boring.  That way, I’m not surprised by my first tax bill or the potholes while driving city streets once the snow and ice disappear in the spring.

John Wever


Hats off to Theatre Sarnia

Sir: Please allow me to say ‘Thank You’ to Theatre Sarnia for their latest production, A Christmas Story.

Months of rehearsals and production resulted in an evening of pure enjoyment for those of us in the audience.

My husband said the show brought back many happy memories of Christmas past.

Once again I am reminded of how very fortunate we are here in Sarnia.

I hope Santa was good to the three dogs in the production. They were amazing, and so well behaved too.

Thanks again to all involved in the show.

Mary Ettinger


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