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Week of August 11 Letters to the Editor

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Good guy thanked

Thoughtful gesture appreciated

Sir: While enjoying time at the Blue Water Bridge recently a couple walked by and noticed our right front tire was low.

The gentleman approached my husband’s window to let them know it was losing air.

Sure enough, after going to a nearby gas station we found a screw in the tread.

Had we not been alerted, we could have had serious problems on our trip out of town the following morning.

He was a godsend, and we’d like to thank that gentleman. We didn’t get his name but hope he reads this in your paper.

Thank you so much.

Margaret Taekema



City has become complacent under Bradley

Sir: I think we can all agree that the Integrity Commissioner’s report about the mayor was shocking.

While some were shocked with the council’s reaction slapping the mayor with a major penalty, some were shocked about the accusations. Then there were some who came to the defence of the mayor, being shocked by both.

I am not shocked by the accusations or the penalty imposed. The mayor has bullied many publicly, as recently as during the Lambton Kent District School Board’s Accommodation Review Process with St. Clair and SCITS.

The mayor clearly tried to intervene in school board business. Would we tolerate the school board telling the mayor which roads to repair (and there are many!)? Yes, the mayor has been a bully and should face consequences.

The only thing that I am shocked about is that there are people willing to defend bully behaviour. And, those who do nothing are as guilty as the bully.

The Sarnia community needs to react. Yes, we should give the mayor an opportunity to change his stripes, but if he doesn’t, we need to show him at the polls that we do not condone bullying.

Unfortunately, over the years, Sarnia has become complacent. Now is the time for viable mayoral candidates to start thinking about the next election.

J.A. Blair



Mayor has served community with honour

Sir: As a loyal reader of The Journal since its inception, I have been following with great interest the one-sided efforts of Integrity Commissioner Patrick Swayze and his cronies to bring the good name of our Mayor Mike Bradley into disrepute.

I had never heard of Mr. Swayze before this, however one cannot but wonder what hidden agenda he has to assault our mayor so aggressively without listening to the other side.

One most disturbing thing to me was to read in another publication a statement by Coun. Andy Bruziewicz declaring that our mayor is a “sinner.”

How dare he? In my opinion, Andy Bruziewicz should be told by other members of council to make a public apology to the mayor.

Mike Bradley has served this community with honour for 28 years, and I for one have a great admiration for him.

Kathleen Priestley



Mayor deserves a raise for his efforts

Sir: How sad when all the Councillors have to elevate themselves by attacking our mayor of 28 years.

I sure hope that the Sarnia voters will take notice of that and cast their ballots accordingly.

The mayor should get a raise for his good job and not a 90-day docking of his pay. Who in this world comes to work every day without pay? Would you?

I love to read all the other letters from our Sarnia residents. It shows me that I am not alone in being upset at what the councillors are doing to our city, our mayor and his executive assistant.

All I can say is, voters, remember that at the next election. We need a group that works together and not having that power struggle!

Good luck Mayor Bradley and keep up the good work, like in the last 28 years.

Gisela Malik



Can’t wait for next election

Sir: So, the city hasn’t kept up with repairs and maintenance on Jackson Pool. When the piper came calling, the brain trust at city hall said $167,000 was too much.

Well, let me help them out with numbers. They paid for a witch-hunt to stick it to Mayor Bradley for three months loss of salary, and the hunt itself cost us (yes, you and me dear citizens) $62,000.

That’s money that could have gone toward the pool project and not down the drain, so to speak.

For a first offence, the punishment is a little excessive in my opinion and I can’t wait for the next election so we can “spank” the self-righteous children on council for being the bullies they are.

Don Ballantyne



City Hall crybabies should suck it up

Sir: One last comment on the “toxic” workplace described by city hall employees.

Someone found it necessary to publicize the complainants’ unhappiness with the mayor. It seems he dared to fault staff and used blunt language to express his concerns.

The mayor is accountable to the electorate and he bears the brunt for staff shortcomings. He is right to demand best practices. He is the public’s watchdog. He’s not there to be popular.

That the complainants happen to be women somehow turned the issues into a “gender bias” thing, rather than a mayor sounding off at personnel.

I find it odd that suddenly after 28 years internal “mayoral” conflict becomes public fodder. To drag an overblown, employee relations issue into the limelight casts suspicion on the motive. Someone wants the mayor out.

If reprimands and harsh words make a workplace “toxic,” what do we call a place where people you work with openly proclaim their dislike of you? Where schemers plot your downfall? Where the people you work for phone or mail you undue criticism? Where the media pans your “good” but expounds on tittle-tattle?

This mayor has dealt with that through multiple councils and terms in office. In spite of all this, Mike Bradley has never publicly decried his detractors or those who disrespect him. He understands that every job presents challenges.

So, crybabies, suck it up. If anyone should call their workplace “toxic,” even hostile, it’s our mayor.

That Mike endues much ingratitude for his efforts says much about his dedication and concern for Sarnia.

Let’s hope he has the willingness to run again.

Dorothy Allan


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