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Want to play dodgeball?

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A new non-profit league is starting up to capitalize on the growing popularity of dodgeball.

The Sarnia Dodgeball League expects to open with eight to 12 co-ed teams playing at Sarnia Christian School, 2173 Exmouth St.

Organizers say the sport is easy to learn and isn’t overly strenuous unless you want it to be.  Players must be 18 or older.

The league begins Thursday, Oct. 2 and runs about 11 weeks. And introductory night to the game will be held Sept. 18.

Teams must have six players on the court (maximum four men and minimum two women) and it’s recommended, though not necessary, to have 10 or more players per team.

Cost is $200, or $20 a person. Teams can be found for single players.

To register, visit or email [email protected]




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