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More UFOs reported over Sarnia

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They just won’t go away.

After The Journal reported a spike in UFO sightings over Sarnia in April, residents have continued to report seeing unidentified flying objects over the city.

One report comes from a Bright’s Grove resident who said she sighted a “diamond-shaped object” with a “glowing circular light” in the middle. The incident occurred last April and was only reported on May 26 to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a non-profit organization that investigates reported UFO sightings.

“I knew I was witnessing something extremely unusual,” said the resident, who watched it move vertically at an extremely rapid speed and stop “on a dime” in the night sky.

After making a directional change it disappeared over Camlachie.

“The rest of the summer I felt uncomfortable going outside at night, as I realized the event was somewhat traumatizing at a deep level,” she said.

On the night of May 11 a man contacted The Journal after he and his family watched a large ball of yellow-orange light outside their Sarnia home.

It was moving rapidly to the northeast, he said.

“My son and daughter watched it disappear from sight from their vantage point in the front yard. It made no noise and had no flashing lights or lights of different colors or multiple points of light – just (an) orb-like yellow-orange light,” said the man, who requested anonymity for fear of ridicule.

He immediately checked a website co-workers had shown him that maps the real-time flight paths of commercial aircraft. None were close to matching the object’s trajectory.

Asked if he wished to go public with the incident, the man declined.

“I would far rather that I never saw the stupid thing in the first place,” he said. “But the fact is I saw what I saw … whatever it was.”

On April 13 MUFON published the account of another Sarnia man who was relaxing in his hot tub on March 30 when he looked up at the night sky and saw a large round light.

“The light was bright white, like an airplane landing light and as I watched it got larger and brighter and gave the appearance of coming directly towards me,” he said.

“It became very bright and was perfectly round. Then it seemed to turn away, to the east and quickly faded to orange and disappeared completely.”

March 30 was the same night four people near Lansdowne Park reported seeing a bright circular object that hovered in the night sky and changed direction.

The latest sightings bring to nine the number of UFOs seen over Sarnia by at least 18 people in the past year and a half.

– George Mathewson







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