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The Journal loves a good quote. Here are 10 that caught our eye in 2014

10 – “Picasso could paint all the buildings downtown, but if he doesn’t have permission it’s still graffiti.”

– Sarnia Police Const. Chris Moxley, who uses social media to track taggers


9 – “It’s sad to see the school go. But at the end of the day it is just a building. The school spirit comes from what people do in the school. That’s what’s important.”

– Co-valedictorian Charlotte Stoesser, on the closure of St. Patrick’s High School on East Street


8  – “We were right out of high school, but we were already bringing babies into the world and closing the eyes on the dead.”

– Janet Thompson, who organized a reunion of the 1954 graduating class from the Sarnia General Hospital School of Nursing


7 – “We go out Thursday evening one time a month to a local nursing home and make people happy. You see the residents smiling, tapping their feet, and you know you’re doing something good.”

– Carol Gilmurray, of Seaway Sounds, an all-woman a cappella chorus aged 18 to 78 that sings in four-part harmony


6 – “Everyone is digital and computers, but none of them can even paint a straight line (or) mix colours.”

– Dave Beatty, one of the last manual sign painters left in a high-tech industry


5 – “It’s worth $143 a year to do that. And if the clouds are just right, bang, I can be right there. The lake is such a magnificent thing, just to stand there sometimes and watch the rain fall, the wildness of it all, in awe and wonder.”

– J. Allison Robichaud, outdoor landscape painter, who joined the Sarnia Yacht Club so he could paint Lake Huron undisturbed


4  – “I once saw a reference to Lucasville as home to the four ‘tions’ – cultivation, damnation, education and salvation. Apparently, standing at the crossroads, you could turn a circle and see a farm, a saloon, a school and a church.”

– Historian Bob McCarthy on the hamlet of Lucasville


3 – “Children are still dying, children are still suffering from treatment. When they can finally close all the childhood cancer wards then I’ll be done.”

– Bob Thomas, founder of Sarnia’s R.O.C.K. Ride, which has raised more than $300,000 to fight childhood cancers.


2 – “You give and take. I know a bad day, and I know when to go outside and pull dandelions.”

– Alfred Ruffilli, on his 70-year marriage to wife Noreen


1 – “I drove down to Cancun with a friend and that was quite a drive. I can’t imagine doing it with wings.”

– Ross Durance, who raises monarch butterflies, on their migration to Mexico.



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