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The week of April 28

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Doug Ford’s PC government has failed true conservative voters

Sir: I have been extremely disappointed with the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party governing this province and can no longer support it for numerous reasons:

1) Doug Ford and the PCs were against the carbon tax, then caved, and allowed a carbon tax to be implemented.

2) I have been very disappointed by all governments’ handling of the COVID crisis. From unconstitutional lockdowns proven to have little effect, to mandatory masks that did nothing. Both the federal and provincial government took the “lets do something approach rather than nothing.”

3) I disagree with Cambridge MPP Belinda Karahalios being removed from caucus for not supporting the emergency powers bill. The Ford PCs want their MPPs to vote party line.

4) I disagree with the Ford government’s decision to break up a peaceful protest in the same authoritarian way Trudeau did in Ottawa. I guess its OK for the government to shut down the economy and shutter small business for two years.

5) This PC government’s lack of fiscal responsibility is unacceptable. It was already spending more before COVID than the Liberal Kathleen Wynn government did in its final year.

6) I fully disagree with the passing of critical race theory in our education system that the Ford PCs are pushing through the House. Our education system should focus on reading, writing and arithmetic, and let parents teach their kids everything else.

7) The Ford PCs passed a political welfare act that allows parties to fill their party banks with taxpayer money. They were against it when Wynn was premier, now they are for it.

The Ford PC government seems to change its position weekly (vaccine passports, for example). I cannot continue to support this party when it looks and sounds more like Liberals then Conservatives.

I will be supporting the new Blue Party in the upcoming election, rather than the Ontario Pseudo Conservative party.

Dante Vozza


Many better uses available for Doug Ford’s re-election bribe

Sir: I recently received my election bribe from Doug Ford – $330.

I call it an election bribe because I can find no other valid reason for him to do it at this time.

If the province has funds left over, I thought it might be better to give the money to the health-care system, as Ontario spends less on health care per person than any other province.

Or perhaps we could have given the nurses a decent pay raise in the hope of keeping a few more of them. After all, Ontario already has fewer nurses for our population than any other province.

If the goal was to help those with the lowest incomes, like those on disability (ODSP) who haven’t seen an increase since 2018 despite skyrocketing housing costs, well, someone should have told Mr. Ford that many of them don’t own cars, so they didn’t even get a cheque.

In fact, when I thought about it I could find lots of better ways to have helped people with that money, rather than reward people based on the number of vehicles they own, but then I’m not looking to be re-elected Premier of Ontario. Sincerely

Peter R. Smith


Providing Canadian oil and gas could help Ukraine

Sir: Prime Minister Trudeau recently spoke to Ukraine and other democratic countries regarding Canada’s efforts to help in the Russian war. He said Canada did not have the infrastructure to supply replacement oil/gas to Europe.

But Canada does have the infrastructure, and large reserves of oil and gas. We could more than fill the gap as the fourth largest natural gas producer and fifth largest oil producer in the world.

We have the required infrastructure to bring oil/gas from the West to the head of the Great Lakes and on through Ontario to the East Coast.

Quebec would need to connect land pipelines for delivery to terminals on the East Coast, but refuses to do so.

This could be the difference, yet the Prime Minster refuses and reflects. It may interfere with our carbon footprint.

In case anybody isn’t paying attention, Russia, our neighbor to the North, is in the process of installing active military in their controversial ‘perceived’ ownership stations in the Arctic.

The carbon footprint would be nothing compared to a Russian footprint. They live right next door.

We might need to get back the helmets and blankets we are currently sending to Ukraine.

Dean McEachen

Point Edward


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