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The Sarnia Journal’s weekly trivia challenge

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1 – In what board game would you hear, “Miss Scarlet in the library with the wrench?”


2 – The Secret Bench of Knowledge, featuring a boy holding an apple and whispering into a girl’s ear, sits outside what local building?


3 – On Aug. 9 of what year did Richard Nixon resign as U. S. President?


4 – Over 500 cyclists participated recently in what local event, the first of its kind in Sarnia-Lambton?


5 – What is the better-known name for the deadly poison prussic acid?


6 – What Chemical Valley industry was built in Sarnia in 1942 to produce artificial rubber for the war effort?


7 – The Brits call it a brolly; the French, a parapluie; and we call it what?


8 – Academy Award nominated screenwriter Emma Donoghue will be talking about what novel and its film adaptation at the Imperial Theatre this Friday?


9 – What does a Brannock Device measure?


10 – In the summer of 1816, Mary Godwin started writing what story, often celebrated as the first science fiction novel (she published it in 1818 using her married name)?


– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Clue; 2 – Sarnia Public Library; 3 – 1974; 4 – Granfondo (Bluewater International Granfondo); 5 – Cyanide; 6 – Polymer (now called ARLANXEO); 7 – An umbrella; 8 – Room; 9 – Foot size; 10 – Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley)










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