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The Sarnia Journal weekly trivia challenge

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1 – ABBA was a pop music group from what country?

2 – Since June, Bright’s Grove resident Allan Calvert has been the CEO of what local organization?

3 – Dawn Wells, a cast member of what still popular 1960s TV show, passed away recently?

4 – Sarnia’s Dave Finley recently completed from scratch an impressive eight-foot long replica of what famous passenger ship?

5 – Although it’s often associated with France, the poodle was originally bred in what country?

6 – Since the pandemic began, a pub in Spain has banned the playing of what popular Neil Diamond song because its lyrics discourage social distancing?

7 – A piscivore eats primarily what food?

8 – Why do flies often rub their legs together?

9 – Jerk is a style of cooking native to what country?

10 -What phrase is attributed to Admiral Horatio Nelson, thanks to his battle injury?

a) Give the cold shoulder b) Break a Leg c) Turn a blind eye

– Tom St. Amand (Column #315)


ANSWERS: 1 – Sweden; 2 – Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce; 3 – Gilligan’s Island; 4 – RMS Titanic; 5- Germany;

6- Sweet Caroline; 7 – Fish; 8 – To clean them; 9 – Jamaica; 10 – c) Turn a blind eye.









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