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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – “He” is the chemical symbol for what element whose name is derived from the Greek word for “sun”?


2 – Mike Otis recently won a scholarship for his dedication to promoting what type of safety?


3 – In which Canadian city could you stand at the corner of Portage and Main Streets?


4 – Sarnians Kim Mitchell and Gary McCracken were members of what band?


5 – Before Beyonce started her solo career, she was a member of what group?


6 – What tongue-in-cheek awards, named after a famous natural scientist, recognize individuals who commit acts of utter stupidity?


7 – Fifty to sixty percent of the annual Netherlands cheese production is . . .

Gouda      Limburger     Edam


8 – James Bond’s family motto is “Orbis non sufficit” and the English translation was the actual title of a James Bond film. Which one?


9 – Which North American tree-dwelling marsupial reputedly deters predators by pretending to be dead?


10 – Beer was considered “a foodstuff” in what country until 2011, when they finally declared it alcohol?

Ireland           Israel           Russia



– Tom St. Amand (Column #194)



ANSWERS: 1 – Helium; 2 – Fire; 3 – Winnipeg; 4 – Max Webster; 5 – Destiny’s Child; 6 – Darwin Awards; 7 – Gouda; 8 – The World is Not Enough; 9 – Possum/Opossum; 10 – Russia.

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