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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought that what fictional literary character was real?

2 – Matt Heuther, a Northern grad, is a writer and executive producer of what popular Canadian TV series (on Netflix and

the Family Channel)?

3 – Goldeneye was whose first film as James Bond, 007?

4 – What former Sarnia elementary school is the proposed site of a 104-unit seniors’ housing complex by Sarnia-based Nelmar Developments?

5 – What did humans reach first? The North Pole or the South Pole

6 – Despite its name, what fabric doesn’t come from a great white but is often wool with rayon or acetate?

7 – What term denotes a piece of music meant to be played on instruments, not sung? Beethoven’s Moonlight is an example.

8 – What metal, more valuable than gold, is nicknamed “The Rich Man’s Gold”?

9 – The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second biggest country in Africa, but it had a different name in 1997. What was it?

10 – Known originally as Rapa Nui, Easter Island was discovered and named on Easter Sunday in 1722 by . . .

the Dutch          the Portuguese            the Spanish

– Tom St. Amand (column #183)


ANSWERS: 1 – Sherlock Holmes (20% thought Churchill was fictional); 2 – Degrassi: The Next Class; 3 – Pierce Brosnan; 4 – St. Peter’s; 5 – North Pole; 6 – Sharkskin; 7 – Sonata; 8 – Platinum; 9 – Zaire; 10 – The Dutch.











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