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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What American averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?


2 – In 1874, the first high school in Lambton County was built. Which one? (still exists today not far from the original location)


3 – Toronto Maple Leafs player Auston Matthews was born in the same year that Princess Di passed away. What year?


4 – What Sarnian has led the fight for 27 years to have Remembrance Day recognized as a legal holiday?


5 – The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas features what 33 metre high structure at its entrance?

6 – In cooking terms, the outer, coloured part of citrus peel is called what?


7 – Tom Thumb Golf was the original name for what type of golf?


8 – When our hearts pump blood, the blood first goes “here” before returning to the heart and then to the rest of your body. Where is here?


9 – Christopher Columbus gave what Central American country its name, Spanish for “rich coast” because he probably believed that gold would be found here?


10 – What popular Internet search engine takes its name from a made up word that Jonathon Swift used in Gulliver’s Travels, referring to a rude and unsophisticated person?


Tom St. Amand (column #180)


ANSWERS: 1 – Thomas Edison; 2 – LCCVI in Petrolia; 3 – 1997; 4 – Wilma McNeill; 5 – Pyramid; 6 – Zest; 7 – Miniature Golf; 8 – Lungs; 9 – Costa Rica; 10 – Yahoo.


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