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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Big balloons, like the ones used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, are filled with what gas?

2 – What figure skater, who trained for many years with the Point Edward Figure Skating Club, is representing Canada at the 2018 Olympics?

3 – How many stepsisters did Cinderella have?

4 – Who has been chosen as Sarnia’s new police chief, replacing Chief Nelson upon his retirement?

5 – What man’s name is used for the letter O in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

6 – Statistically, a woman who purchases flowers for Valentine’s Day is most likely buying them for whom?

7 – Which is bigger? All the land in the world put together or the Pacific Ocean?

8 – What three countries begin with the letter “F”?

9 – The irony is that what singer never wrote his hit song “I Write the Songs”.

10 – According to Facebook’s privacy policy, a person has to be at least how old to have a Facebook account?


Tom St. Amand 


ANSWERS: 1 – Helium; 2 – Michael Marinaro; 3 – Two; 4 – Inspector Norm Hansen; 5 – Oscar; 6 – Herself; 7 – Pacific Ocean; 8 – France, Finland, Fiji; 9 – Barry Manilow; 10 – Thirteen.















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