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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Which controversial Canadian is known by the nickname “Grapes”?

2 – St. Pat’s grad Adam Mckinnon has played on what local gridiron team for the last ten seasons?

3 – What author was the first person to become a billionaire just by selling her books? (She then lost her billionaire status because she gave so much money to charity)

4 – What ethnic festival will be celebrated this weekend at a new location, downtown’s Scotia Bank Parking Lot?

5 – “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” is a line from what blockbuster movie celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer?

6 – Applications for the 10th Annual Legacy Scholarships are available for any current or former Lambton County resident who is currently in school for what profession?

7 – What shape of lens does a magnifying glass have?

8 – This weekend’s “Making Waves for Joanne Poker Run” is raising money for what cause?

9 – What chocolate bar, the most widely sold in the world, was named after a favourite horse of the Mars family?

10 – The horn of a rhinoceros is composed of what material?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Don Cherry; 2 – Sarnia Imperials; 3 – J K Rowling; 4 – Greekfest; 5 – Jaws; 6 – Medicine (Family Medicine Physician); 7 – Convex; 8 – Harmony (Joanne Klauke-LaBelle Scholarship Foundation); 9 – Snickers; 10 – Hair













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