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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – In boating, what does a PFD stand for?


2 – Over 4,000 teddy bears were tossed and donated at a recent Sting game.  After whom is the Teddy Bear named?


3 – What landmark in Athens honours the Greek goddess Athena and means “place of the virgin”?


4 – How did Sarnians Dave Pirt, Rick Smith, Dave Howson and Joe VanDinther raise over $2,000 for St. Joseph’s Hospice last summer?


5 – Which Monty Python stage musical tells of the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?


6 – Next year’s municipal election will see Sarnia move to what new form of voting?


7 – In 1492, en route to the New World, Columbus reported compass anomalies and dancing lights in what part of the Atlantic?


8 – Toucan Sam is the mascot or ad character for what breakfast cereal?

Cheerios           Fruit Loops         Sugar Crisps


9 – Lloydminster is the only city in Canada bordering two provinces.  Which two?


10 – What were Frosty the Snowman’s last words?


– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Personal Floatation Device; 2 – President Teddy Roosevelt; 3 – Parthenon; 4 – A bike-a-thon; 5 – Spamalot; 6 – Electronic, or eVoting; 7 – Bermuda Triangle; 8 – Fruit Loops; 9 – Saskatchewan and Alberta; 10 – “I’ll be back again someday.”










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