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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Rhode Island Red and Leghorn are types of what bird?


2 – This Saturday’s Women Helping Women charity event at the Station Music Hall will benefit what agency?


3 – What does the “C” in UNICEF stand for?


4 – What bridge, a double span, connects Sarnia to the Chemical Valley south of Confederation Street?


5 – What Barbadian singer, known by one name, has the surname Fenty?


6 – What local program has teen volunteers sharing their computer and tech savvy skills with seniors?


7 – What New Mexico city is famous for an alleged U.F. O. landing in 1947?


8 – What surname is shared by film stars Buster, Diane and Michael?


9 – If you want to keep spirits out of your home on Halloween, what should you sprinkle on the doorstep?

Garlic                Mint               Salt


10 – What girl’s name is also the ‘rights’ given by the police before an interrogation?


Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Chicken; 2 – Women’s Interval Home; 3 – Children’s; 4 – Donohue Bridge; 5 – Rihanna; 6 – Cyber Seniors; 7 – Roswell; 8 – Keaton; 9 – Salt; 10 – Miranda













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