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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What object did Benjamin Franklin use to determine the electrical nature of lightning?

2 – A group of citizens is attempting to raise money to re-open what central Sarnia pool?

3 – What revolutionary and controversial swimsuit was unveiled in Paris in 1946?

4 – During a 48-hour safety blitz in Sarnia earlier this month, 40 drivers were ticketed for doing what while driving?

5 – Ironically, E. J. Smith, who captained what ship, once said, “I’ve never had an accident worth talking about”?

6 – Thanks to a donation from Shell, a new pedestrian crosswalk and bus transit shelter have been installed on what city street?

7 – What is the word that means either the strength of an earthquake or the brightness of a star?

8 – A group of Grade 1 -2 students at P. E. McGibbon School has produced a video on what invasive fish that is threatening the Great Lakes?

9 – What cartoon character was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a classic baseball episode?

10 – What is both unusual and famous about the restaurant in Volterra, Italy called “Fortezza Medicea”?

Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – A kite; 2 – Jackson Pool; 3 – Bikini; 4 – Driving distracted (using a hand-held device); 5 – RMS Titanic; 6 – Front Street (at Centennial Park); 7 – Magnitude; 8 – Asian Carp; 9 – Homer Simpson, for Homer at the Bat; 10 – It is inside a maximum security prison (the waiters are prisoners; the cutlery is plastic).










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