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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – In which city is the music recording company Motown based?

2 – After 65 years on Lakeshore Road, a landmark lawn sign with the illustrations of what four birds, will be taken down?

3 – At the age of 89, what actor, best known for playing James Bond in seven films, passed away recently?

4 – A grant from the Judith & Norman Alix Foundation has enabled the Women’s Interval Home to purchase a new what?

5 – Cher and the Kardashians share what Middle East ancestry?

6 – What function do the nine dome-shaped concrete markers on the shoreline between Sarnia and Mooretown serve?

7 – What is the official language of Brazil?

8 – What elementary school has won back-to-back St. Clair Catholic District School Board Championships in junior girls basketball?

9 – What flavour of Popsicle is the most popular in North America?

10 – This one’s out there: France, Italy and Chile have all formally recognized the existence of what?

– Tom St. Amand (column # 141)

ANSWERS: 1 – Detroit; 2 – Geese (for the Gander Family); 3 – Roger Moore; 4 – Van; 5 – Armenian; 6 – Determine the border of Canada-U.S. on the St. Clair River; 7 – Portuguese; 8 – Gregory A. Hogan Griffins; 9 – Cherry; 10 – UFOs












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