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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What kind of fluid protects a baby before birth?

2 – Sandwiched between Maxwell Street and Elgin Street, what skateboard park is one of Canada’s oldest?

3 – How many red balls (worth one point) are used in a game of snooker?

4 – Sarnia’s Dave Nichols is the current president of what annual event that’s running next week for the 88th year?

5 – Who was the star of the Sweatin’ to the Oldies workout series?

6 – Tsk. Tsk. According to Sarnia Police Chief W. J. Lannin, what was the biggest complaint local police received about swimmers at Canatara’s beaches in 1933?

7 – In April 1934, Robert Wilson, a London physician, captured arguably the most famous image of what monster?

8 – GHG is a hot topic locally and provincially. What does GHG stand for?

9 – Fill in the blank: In his poem “The Wasteland,” T. S. Eliot described April as “the _________ month.”

10 – He was born William Jefferson Blythe III in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas, but the world knows him better by what name?

Tom St. Amand (column 134)

ANSWERS: 1 – Amniotic; 2 – Harry Turnbull Skate Park; 3 – Fifteen; 4 – Lambton County Music Festival; 5 – Richard Simmons; 6 – Swimming “without apparel” aka skinny dipping; 7 – Loch Ness Monster; 8 – Greenhouse Gas; 9 – Cruelest; 10 – Bill Clinton













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