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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Carmine is a vivid shade of what colour?

2 – As part of its upcoming Legacy Day, Lambton College is marking its golden anniversary locally by planting 50 birch trees at what location?

3 – Beginning with an “A,” what word denotes an expert in the mathematics of insurance?

4 – What organization plans to bring back its Jail and Bail event this May, with a new feature including social media?

5 – What is the only airline in the world with a name composed of three consecutive letters?

6 – What local dance school is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year?

7 – If literature met sports, Merlin and Gandalf could play for what NBA team in Washington, DC?

8 – What 44th annual school challenge (Grades 3 to 12) will take place next weekend at Lambton College?

9 – In 1954, what singer flopped at the Grand Ole Opry, with one official recommending he go back to driving a truck?

10 – To fight obesity, a new Japanese law has set maximum waist sizes for male and female employees over the age of 40? What are they (in inches)?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Red; 2 – The Point Lands waterfront park (near Sydney Smith dock); 3 – Actuary; 4 – Crimestoppers; 5 – KLM; 6 – Sarnia School of Irish Dance; 7 – The Washington Wizards; 8 – Lambton County Science Fair; 9 – Elvis Presley; 10 – Men 33.5;  Women 35.4 inches










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