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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – The film Cool Runnings is about a bobsled team from what country that competed at the 1988 Calgary Olympics?

2 – On what city street would you find the Henry T. Ross substation, built as part of Sarnia Consumer’s Gas Plant in 1880 and named for a former mayor of Sarnia?

3 – What does the French word “citron” mean in English?

4 – The 2016 census reveals that, in the last five years, Sarnia’s population has decreased

1.1%               3.2%             4.8%

5 – In 1994, what was confirmed as Canada’s national summer sport?

6 – What city-owned device has recently been added to the parking lot at Charlotte Street?

7 – What disease results from a severe lack of Vitamin C?

8 – The sediment dredged from the Government Dock, the north slip, and the Sydney Smith Wharf has been trucked out to what city venue?

9 – Into what four groups are the instruments of an orchestra divided?

10 – To help his sons avoid the Vietnam draft, the American father of what famous actor/director used the money he won on Jeopardy to relocate his family to Australia?

– Tom St. Amand


1- Jamaica; 2 – Water Street; 3 – Lemon; 4 – 1.1% (current population is 71,594); 5 – Lacrosse; 6 – Electric Vehicle Charging Station; 7 – Scurvy; 8- Surplus land at Chris Hadfield Airport; 9 – Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Percussion; 10 – Mel Gibson













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