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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What is the first name of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife?

2 – Opened in 1949, what building is known locally as the Brock Street Barn?

3 – Two planets in our solar system have no moons?  Name one of the planets.

4- On April 2, a special cenotaph ceremony and a dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion will commemorate the 100th anniversary of what WWI battle?

5 – What is the maximum score a team can achieve in one end of curling–and it’s a very rare accomplishment?

6 – To help save lives, over 100 PADs have been installed throughout the county since 2000. What is a PAD?

7 – Scientists took the word `quark` from Finnegan’s Wake, the final work of which Irish author?

8 – What late storyteller, who did a show at the Imperial Theater in 2008, was best known for his series of stories on CBC radio’s The Vinyl Cafe?

9 – What four-letter vegetable, mostly green in colour, is now widely recognized as the national symbol of Wales?

10 – Name one of the two countries in the world in which Coca-Cola is not sold officially (due to trade embargos)?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Sophie; 2 – Sarnia Arena; 3 – Mercury or Venus; 4 – Vimy Ridge; 5 – Eight (known as an eight ender); 6 – Personal Access Defibrillator; 7 – James Joyce; 8 – Stuart McLean; 9 – Leek; 10 – Cuba and North Korea.




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