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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – Google has found that what Halloween costume has gained the most popularity this year?

2 – As of next week, the Lambton County Library on Mallroad will close and will be moving to the upper floor of what building?

3 – The word “pulmonary” relates to what organ of the human body?

4 – The Lawrence House Literacy Arts Committee is encouraging writers to submit poetry or short accounts of their experiences with what local author who passed away recently?

5 – Taco Bell has locations throughout the world, but not one, ironically, in what country?

6 – Starting in 1951, Hank Ketcham introduced what popular comic strip featuring a five-year-old mischievous boy who tormented his neighbour, Mr. Wilson?

7 – When Canadian James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, what balls were originally used since basketballs had not been created yet?

8 – What make of electric cars is named after a famous Serbian-American inventor?

9 – What Elton John song is the highest-selling music single of all time in the United Kingdom?

10 – In what province would you find the Gopher Hole Museum, featuring stuffed gophers dressed to resemble people in the town?


– Tom St. Amand (Column #418)

ANSWERS: 1 – Barbie; 2 – Clearwater Arena; 3 – Lung; 4 – Norma West Linder; 5 – Mexico; 6 – Dennis the Menace; 7 – Soccer balls; 8 – Tesla; 9 – Candle in the Wind; 10 – Alberta

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