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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – The social media app Twitter is now known by what single consonant?

2 – The oldest ship in the Royal Navy is scheduled to arrive in Sarnia today. What is her name?

3 – The British name for this board game is draughts. In North America, it is known as what?

4 – Mike Weir was in town this week to witness the official opening of what downtown facility his foundation helped fund?

5 – In 2016, Mattel produced new Barbie doll body types. Which one was not used?
a) curvy   b) petite   c) normal

6 – “The Original & Best Tasting” is a slogan seen on boxes of which Kellogg’s breakfast cereal?

7 – Death in the guise of the Grim Reaper is traditionally depicted with which long-handled farming tool?

8 – The name of what Canadian provincial capital comes from the Iroquois word that translates to “place where trees stand in the water”?

9 – Founded in 1497, what is the oldest city in Canada?

10 – Why is a Malayan sun bear at a zoo in eastern China suddenly attracting up to 20,000 visitors a day? a) Visitors suspect it’s a human in disguise   b) It can hold a handstand for one minute   c) It likes to pose for selfies

– Tom St. Amand (Column #409)


ANSWERS: 1 – X; 2 – HMCS Oriole; 3 – Checkers; 4 – Sarnia-Lambton Youth Wellness Hub; 5 – c) Normal; 6 – Kellogg’s Corn Flakes; 7 – Scythe; 8 – Toronto; 9 – St. John’s, Newfoundland; 10 – a) A suspected human in disguise (it is not!)

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