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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – What colour does “The Hulk” turn when he gets mad in movies and in comic books?

2 – A recently erected plaque at the southwest corner of George and Front Streets honours what late resident for her volunteer work and for her lifelong dedication to preserving Sarnia’s heritage?

3 – Who proposed the general theory of relativity over 100 years ago?

4 – “Rocky”, the multicoloured collection of painted rocks lying near the path beneath the Bluewater Bridge, is in the form of what creature?

5 – Italy is often said to be shaped like what object?

6 – What legendary singer and crooner passed away recently at the age of 96?

7 – This week, a father and his teenage son drove from Virginia to Niagara Falls to purchase what Canadian food snack not sold in the United States? (They purchased 41 family size bags)

8 – In “National Lampoon’s Vacation” who was the girl in the red Ferrari?

9 – In backgammon, each player has how many pieces (also called checkers or counters)? a) 15   b) 18   c) 20

10 – Whereas most national flags are rectangular, Nepal’s national flag is the only national flag in what shape?

– Tom St. Amand (Column #405)


ANSWERS: 1 – Green; 2 – Pat McLean; 3 – Albert Einstein; 4 – A Snake; 5 – A boot; 6 – Tony Bennett; 7 – Lays Ketchup Chips; 8 – Christie Brinkley; 9 – a) 15; 10 – Triangular

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