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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – In internet slang, AFK means “Away from” what?

2 – Local resident Arianna Noctor will be sworn in as a member of what council on June 27?

3 – In a traditional triathlon, what activity comes first?

4 – The province announced last week that it is investing $364,000 in an ‘innovative training program’ in Sarnia in what area?

5 – What TV game show host announced he’ll be retiring next year after more than 40 years on the job?

6 – Surveys show that Canadians love chocolate, vanilla, and mint chocolate ice cream the best. Name one of the two flavours that round out the top five.

7 – Emerald is the traditional birthstone associated with which month?

8 – Which country has the world’s largest supply of renewable fresh water? (It’s not Canada)

9 – In a 2004 national poll of the “Greatest Canadian” ever, what politician (never a Prime Minister) was voted number one?

10 – Which show is the highest grossing production on Broadway ever, with an estimated gross take of $1.8 billion?  The Lion King   The Phantom of the Opera    Wicked

– Tom St. Amand (Column #400)


ANSWERS: 1 – Keyboard; 2 – Point Edward Village Council; 3 –  Swimming; 4 – Millwright; 5 – Pat Sajak; 6 – Maple Walnut and Butterscotch; 7 – May; 8 – Brazil; 9 – Tommy Douglas; 10 – The Lion King

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