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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – Revealing a secret is known as letting what animal out of the bag?

2 – Reel News: Sarnia-Lambton libraries recently announced that residents with library cards can borrow equipment for what popular outdoor pastime?

3 – What actor is named in the song “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain?  Tom Cruise  Brad Pitt   Will Smith

4 – Which Sarnia band, founded a decade ago, is headlining at the Sarnia Ribfest in Centennial Park on June 16?

5 – What lake in Canada is the deepest lake in North America?

6 – Constantinople was the former name of what city?

7 – In what timeless 1986 teen comedy does the main character convince his friend, Cameron, to borrow his father’s rare 1961Ferrari 250 GT Spyder?

8 – What slapstick team of policemen featured in a series of silent movies?

9 – According to famed pianist and composer, Oscar Levant, “the lowest form of humour” is a what?

10 – The name of what island country in the West Indies translates to “Bearded Ones” in Portuguese?

– Tom St. Amand (Column #397)


ANSWERS: 1 – Cat; 2 – Fishing (each kit contains a fishing pole and tackle box); 3 – Brad Pitt; 4 – Gypsy Flats; 5 – Great Slave Lake; 6 – Istanbul; 7 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; 8 – Keystone Cops; 9 – Pun; 10 – Barbados

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