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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – What type of list includes the things you’d like to do before passing away?

2 – Sarnia’s Keith Anderson recently won the 47th Annual Bluewater Anglers Salmon Derby by catching a salmon that weighed a) 14.43 lbs  b) 16.76 lbs  c) 18.28 lbs

3 – A derailleur is a gear-shifting mechanism on which type of human-powered vehicle?

4 – The results are in: Sarnia’s official new bird is the . . .

5 – “The Whale” was the original title of what famous 19th novel by Herman Melville?

6 – In cosmetics, veneers are added to what?

7 – Bobi, the oldest dog ever (according to Guinness World Records), recently celebrated his birthday in Portugal. How old is he?

8 – Images like those of Terry Fox and Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge have been replaced with different images in the new design of Canada’s what?

9 – With a chemical formula of H₂SO₄, what acid is known as “The King of the Acids”?

10 – Some people in Japan are taking lessons in what—after reportedly losing this ability during the pandemic?  a) kissing  b) singing  c) smiling

– Tom St. Amand (Column #395)


ANSWERS: 1 – Bucket List; 2 – c) 18.28 lbs; 3 – Bicycle; 4 – Red Headed Woodpecker; 5 – Moby Dick; 6 – Teeth; 7 – 31; 8 – Passport; 9 – Sulphuric Acid; 10 – c) smiling

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