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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – What is the name of Uber’s food delivery system?

2 – The maximum speed of cyclists riding through Sarnia and Point Edward in the 2nd Annual B.I.G. Slow Roll Ride on Sunday, June 4th, is a) 15 kmh  b) 20  kmh  c) 25 kmh

3 – Gout usually affects what part of the body?  Chest     Shoulder     Toes

4 – On Sunday, May 28th, what local golf course will be hosting the season-opening event of the new Lambton Junior Golf Tour (LJGT)?

5 – Gordon Lightfoot, known as “Canada’s Troubadour”, was born and raised in what Ontario city?

6 – King Charles will be officially crowned tomorrow as King Charles the III, IV, or V?

7 – How many hulls does a catamaran have?

8 – Which musical features the song “The Lusty Month of May”?

9 – The late talk show host, Jerry Springer, was the former mayor of A) Cincinnati  B) Milwaukee  C) Spokane

10 – In the world of international soccer, the Dutch men’s national team takes one of its nicknames from what classic novel and movie?

– Tom St. Amand (Column #393)


ANSWERS: 1 – Uber Eats; 2 – a) 15 kmh (It’s free and open to riders of all ages); 3 – Toes; 4 – Huron Oaks (; 5 – Orillia; 6 – III; 7 – Two; 8 – Camelot; 9 – A) Cincinnati; 10 – A Clockwork Orange

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