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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – What colour is Homer Simpson?

2 – What Northern graduate recently competed with Team Canada at the World Cross-Country Athletics Championships in Australia?

3 – What biology term means an animal without a spine?

4 – Hosted by the Centre Communautaire Francophone de Sarnia-Lambton, an evening of food, singing, dancing, and culture celebrated what?   Black History Month    Sarnia’s French community    Valentine’s Day

5 – A beach volleyball team comprises how many players?

6 – The 2022 Netflix drama “The Playlist” is about the creation of which legal music streaming platform?

7 – Some children’s books — for example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — by what English author are being re-written to remove language considered offensive?

8 – The word “tsnuami” comes from which language?

9 – On what continent did “Homo Sapiens” first evolve?

10 – In Scotland, what does it mean to “bag a Munro”?   a) Eat a kilogram of haggis        b) Win a lottery   c) Summit a mountain

– Tom St. Amand (Column #383)


ANSWERS: 1 – Yellow; 2 – Andrew Davies (finished an impressive 68th); 3 – Invertebrate; 4 – Black History Month; 5 – Two; 6 – Spotify; 7 – Roald Dahl; 8 – Japanese; 9 – Africa; 10 – c) Summit a mountain

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