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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – On TV and in movies, Lynda Carter and Gil Gadot have portrayed what female superhero?

2 – In Sarnia, JNAAG stands for what?

3 – Globally, citizens of which country consume the most donuts per capita?

4 – What is the name of the community-based service coming to Sarnia-Lambton that will help protect and monitor vulnerable area residents?

5 – President Joe Biden, Paul McCartney, and Harrison Ford all celebrated what milestone birthday in 2022?

6 – Quackmore is the first name of the father of what popular Disney character?

7 – The lacrimal glands in our bodies produce what?

8 – In what movie does Bill Murray’s character awaken each morning to the Sonny and Cher hit song “I Got You Babe”?

9 – The original tagline for what canned cooked meat was “The Meat of Many Uses!”?

10 – In October 2022, what unusual fact was discovered about the artwork “New York City I” that had hung in museums since 1945?

– Tom St. Amand (Column #380)


ANSWERS: 1 – Wonder Woman; 2 – Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery; 3 – Canada (approximately 1.4 million per day); 4 – Project Lifesaver; 5 – 80th birthday; 6 – Donald Duck; 7 – Tears; 8 – Groundhog Day; 9 – SPAM; 10 – It was hanging upside down

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