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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – In mathematics, a straight line from the centre of a circle or sphere to any point on its circumference is called a what?

2 – What local high school won the overall Girls’ title at the recent OFSAA Cross Country Championship?

3 – According to Oxford English Dictionary, what is the most commonly used letter in the English alphabet?

4 – Who is the new mayor of St. Clair Township?

5 – Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, author of “In Flanders Field”, served in what capacity during The Great War?

6 – In what country was IKEA founded in 1943?

7 – In the film Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 black and white horror thriller, what substance was used to simulate blood in the famous shower scene?

8 – The equator does NOT pass through which one of these countries? Brazil, Kenya, or Venezuela

9 – During which inning is “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” traditionally sung?

10 – Complete this quotation by Miss Piggy: “Never eat more than you can ____”

Tom St. Amand (Column #368)


ANSWERS: 1 – Radius; 2 – Northern; 3 – E; 4 – Jeff Agar; 5 – Doctor/Physician; 6 – Sweden; 7 – Chocolate Syrup; 8 – Venezuela; 9 – 7th Inning; 10 – Lift

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