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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Most Porsche sports cars are produced in what country?

2 – The park on Sarnia’s riverfront, just west of Lochiel Street, is named after what former mayor?

3 – In what country was the late Prince Philip born?   A) Denmark B) Germany C) Greece

4 – After a distinguished legal career, including a 22-year stint as a Superior Court Justice, what Sarnia resident recently announced his retirement?

5 – What Ontario-born musician and songwriter is also known as the “Pop Punk Queen”?

6 – How many stars are on the flag of China?

7 – What liquid is known as the “universal solvent”?

8 – According to Disney World press, visitors at their Florida parks will never be farther than thirty steps away from what?

9 – Phubbing is A) making up song lyrics B) telling an outrageous lie C) ignoring someone in person to spend time on your cell phone

10 -What is the former name of Iran?

– Tom St. Amand (Column #323)


ANSWERS: 1 – Germany; 2 – Paul Blundy; 3 – c) Greece; 4 – Joe Donohue; 5 – Avril Lavigne; 6 – Five; 7 – Water; 8 – A garbage can; 9 – C; 10 – Persia.









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