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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1) “The One Horse Open Sleigh” was the original title of what now popular Christmas song?


2) Local brothers Ryan and Andrew Davies excel at what sport?


3) Which Sylvester Stallone movie character is nicknamed “the Italian Stallion”?


4) When he was 17, what yet-to-be famous American worked briefly in the 1860s as a telegraph operator on the Grand Trunk Railway in Camlachie?


5) At which golf tournament does the winner don a green jacket?


6) Which country music singer gave $1 million to fund research of the Moderna vaccine against COVID?


7) A love seat is a small sofa for how many people?


8) Drew House is the fashion label of which Canadian pop star?


9) Which flag was designed in 1978 by the U.S. artist and activist Gilbert Baker?


10) Last week, the UK’s Daily Mirror front-page headline “He’s In The Hands of God” marked the death of what sports figure?



Tom St. Amand (Column #312)


ANSWERS: 1 – Jingle Bells; 2 – Running (Track, Cross country); 3 – Rocky; 4 – Thomas Edison; 5 – The Masters; 6 – Dolly Parton; 7 – Two; 8 – Justin Bieber; 9 – Rainbow Flag; 10 – Diego Maradona.

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