The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1. How many centimetres in a metre?


2. City council has approved an engineering report on the potential dredging of what local creek?


3. Twins are usually associated with what zodiac sign?


4. Ann and Dick Lam have donated what treasured family heirloom to the Habitat for Humanity Restore? (Raffle draw on Dec. 4)


5. “Ti Amo” means “I love you” in what language?


6. What is considered to be the national sport of Japan?   Baseball   Jujutsu       Sumo Wrestling


7. We’ve all “seen” one. Where would you find a Snellen chart?


8. Who owns the factory in the book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?


9. Liam Neeson was nominated for an Oscar for playing an Oskar in what 1993 film set in Poland?


10. The Gobi desert is located in Mongolia and what other country?


– Tom St. Amand (Column #309)


ANSWERS: 1 – 100; 2 – Cow Creek; 3 – Gemini; 4 – Dollhouse; 5 – Italian; 6 – Sumo Wrestling; 7 – Optometrist’s office; 8 – Willy Wonka; 9 – Schindler’s List; 10 – China.