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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1. Which character in Star Trek comes from the planet Vulcan?


2. Tim Hortons owners in Sarnia and Bright’s Grove recently donated over $44,000 from the National Smile Cookie Campaign to what community agency?


3. What does the acronym “BTW” represent?


4. After officiating at the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visited Sarnia in what year?

a) 1949   b) 1959   c) 1969


5. What do you call a group of owls? (This word is used in Toronto and Ottawa often)


6. “B” is the chemical symbol for what element?


7. What kind of bird was “The Ugly Duckling”?


8. Which Canadian cough syrup’s slogan is: “It tastes awful, but it works?”


9. In 1972, what motorcycle company introduced the Jet Ski?


10. Merriam-Webster Dictionary has officially recognized what as a word in the English language?

a) Alot       b) Brung       c) Irregardless



– Tom St. Amand (column #307)



ANSWERS: 1 – Spock; 2 – Pathways Health Centre for Children; 3 – By the Way; 4 – 1959; 5 – Parliament; 6 – Boron; 7 – A swan; 8 – Buckley’s; 9 – Kawasaki; 10 – Irregardless


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