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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1. What London landmark did Queen Elizabeth open to tourists in 1993?


2. The province recently honoured what longtime member of Bluewater Anglers for his efforts with conservation?


3. FIFA is the international association of this sport?


4. Slow Down: The speed limit along Blackwell Side Road by Korny Corners has been reduced to what?


5. What number completes the title of this Jules Verne novel: “Around the World in _____ Days”?


6. In the Beatles’ song, Maxwell wielded a silver _____.

a) Dagger b) Hammer   c) Sword


7. Samsung Digital City, the headquarters of Samsung, is located near what Asian capital?


8. Yes or No: Are cacti edible?


9. What is the oldest airline in the world, established in 1919 and still flying under its original name?


10. Which term for a partner comes from an Old French word meaning “one who breaks bread with another?”



– Tom St. Amand (Column #306)


ANSWERS: 1 – Buckingham Palace; 2 – Jake van Rooyen; 3 – Soccer (Football); 4 – 50 km/h; 5 – Eighty; 6 – b) Hammer; 7 – Seoul; 8 – Yes; 9 – KLM; 10 – Companion.

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