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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1. Run! How far can a skunk spray accurately? a) 5-9 feet b) 10-15 feet   c) 16-22 feet


2. Why was the flag at City Hall flying at half-mast recently?


3. In what country did the martial art Taekwondo originate?


4. Sarnians Erica Procunier and Elizabeth Hannan were involved in what capacity with the Emmy winning TV series Ghostwriter?


5. On what TV show did the main characters hang out at “Monk’s Diner”?


6. Ascorbic acid is also known as Vitamin A, B, C, or D?


7. Which part of an elephant’s body contains the most muscles?


8. To assess your weight based on your height, you can refer to the BMI. What does it stand for?


9. Who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Elizabeth II in the movie “The Queen?”


10. American Marvin Stone made drinking liquids easier in 1888 when he invented and patented what?



– Tom St. Amand (column #305)


ANSWERS: 1 – B) 10-15 feet, 2 – To honour the memory of former Prime Minister John Turner; 3 – Korea; 4 – Composed the soundtrack; 5 – Seinfeld; 6 – Vitamin C; 7 – Its trunk (about 40,000 muscles); 8 – Body Mass Index; 9 – Helen Mirren; 10 – The modern drinking straw.


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