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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – ‘Which country produces the most cheese: a) France b) Italy c) USA


2 – Bright’s Grove’s most famous golfer, Mike Weir, is currently playing on what tour?


3 – What is the name for the highway in Germany with sections that have no speed limit?


4 – In Petrolia in mid-July, Habitat for Humanity broke ground on what will be its a) 45th b) 55th c) 65th home in Sarnia-Lambton?


5 – Of acrostics, ballads, and odes, in which poem does the first letter of each line spell out a word?


6 – Until the atomic age, what Canadian city suffered the largest man made explosion in December 1917?


7 – What is the sum of the interior angles of a triangle: 90, 180, 360


8 – Which Ray-Ban sunglasses style shares its name with a Martin Scorsese film about Howard Hughes?


9 – Anatomy: The sacrum is also called the tailbone. True or False


10 – A term used to describe someone in the public eye, what old-fashioned stage light was also known as a “calcium light”?


– Tom St. Amand (column #298)


ANSWERS: 1 – c) USA; 2 – Champions Tour; 3 – Autobahn; 4 – c) 65th, Roger Street, Stacy Court, and Blackwell Sideroad; 5 – Acrostics; 6 – Halifax; 7 – 180 degrees; 8 – (The) Aviator; 9 – False; 10 –  Limelight

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