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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What do Florida, a piano, and a jailor have in common?

2 – A new launch for kayaks and canoes is slated to be installed where?

3 – The acronym ESP stands for what?

4 – Where would you find the Nick Malik Walkway, named for a former resident who was an avid walker?

5 – What pseudo-science was devoted to discovering a substance that would change metals into gold?

6 – Semaphore is a means of communicating with the use of what?

7 – A scapula is the medical term for what body part?

8 – In a symphony orchestra, to what section do a timpani and glockenspiel belong?

9 – Taking its name from a South American country, what food, even though it’s called a nut, is actually a seed?

10 – Which start-up company began selling books online from a two-door garage in Bellevue, Washington in July 1995?

– Tom St. Amand (column #296)


ANSWERS: 1 – They all have keys; 2 – Sarnia Bay (near the site of the former MacLean Centre building); 3 – Extra Sensory Perception; 4 – In Bright’s Grove; 5 – Alchemy; 6 – Flags; 7 – Shoulder Blade; 8 – Percussion; 9 – Brazil Nut; 10 – Amazon.

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