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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenege

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1 – What scientist came up with the three laws of motion?


2 – Sarnia-born Steve Pellegrini was recently named as the Assistant General Manager of what NHL franchise?


3 – In the blockbuster movie Titanic, what were the first names of the characters played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio?


4 – In 1939, Roy Williams of Sarnia started a local business that still bears his name.  What is it?


5 – What is the only musical instrument to be officially declared a weapon of war in a court of law?


6 – In what part of the body would you find the humerus bone?

Upper arm           Leg             Ear


7 – Which New Brunswick river reverses its flow twice daily?


8 – What English city is renowned for its steel cutlery?


9 – Which Swiss watch company is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet?


10 – What medical drama was renewed for its 15th season, making it ABC’s longest-running primetime drama of all time?


– Tom St. Amand (Column #198)


ANSWERS: 1 – Isaac Newton; 2 – New York Islanders; 3 – Rose and Jack; 4 – Williams Bakery (Northgate Plaza); 5 – Bagpipes; 6 – Upper Arm; 7 – Saint John River; 8 – Sheffield; 9 – Omega; 10 – Grey’s Anatomy.


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