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The Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – What are the four colours found in the Google logo?

2 – Built in 1990 as a memorial to their father, what all-season fountain on the riverfront has a unique design of stainless steel tubes standing in a rushing river?

3 – The late Saskatchewan-born “Rowdy” Roddy Piper achieved fame in what sport?

4 – 26-year-old Sarnian Eric Ethridge is making a name for himself in what field?

5 – Which Shakespeare play, set in Italy, features Shylock and Portia?

6 – What road forms the eastern boundary of Sarnia?

7 – What compound was originally designed as wallpaper cleaner until its inventors in 1954 realized how much fun children had playing with it? (100 million cans are sold for children’s use annually)?

8 – In support of the Prostate Cancer Clinic at Bluewater Health and the Chris Dawson Foundation, the First Annual Charity Chopper Drop raised $20,000 through what sport?

9 – Aristotle, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Maria von Trapp were all apiarists, which means that they kept or raised what insects?

10 – The name of what area in the Pacific means “many islands”?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Blue, yellow, red, and green; 2 – MacPherson Fountain (in honour of Jim McPherson); 3 – Wrestling; 4 – Music (Country Music); 5 – The Merchant of Venice; 6 – Mandaumin Road; 7 – Play-Doh; 8 – Golf; 9 – Bees; 10 – Polynesia


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