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Teamwork by 911 responders saved tiny baby’s life

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Journal Staff

A special reunion was held recently for a trio of Sarnia Police officers, paramedics and one little girl named Brodie-Lynn.

City police were the first to respond to a June 11 emergency call at a Sarnia home.

The officers arrived to find a tiny baby that was born prematurely. She was grey, unresponsive, not breathing and still attached to the umbilical cord.

The mother was in shock from the unexpected birth as were the father and another child who was present.

An officer began performing CPR on the infant and she began to gasp for air. Arriving EMS and firefighters provided further assistance and got her to the hospital, police said.

The tiny baby remained in the hospital’s care for several weeks and is now back home where she is healthy and doing well, said Const. Giovanni Sottosanti.

“A call of this nature is fairly rare, so the reward of reuniting with the child and family was very appreciated by officers, the paramedic, and the family.”

At the reunion, which was held with the mom, dad and siblings present, baby Brodie-Lynn was made an Honorary Constable of the Sarnia Police Service for “being a real trooper and fighting a good fight.”




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