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STUDENT REPORTERS: Boys raise $1,400 to help less fortunate in community

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Editor’s note: In partnership with The Journal, teacher Jeff Cardy challenged his Grade 8 class at St. Michael’s Catholic School to write their own newspaper articles. This is the first in a three-part series.

Nolan Croft

Special to The Journal

Five boys from St. Michael’s Catholic School decided to organize a fundraiser this year and fill bags with essentials for the less fortunate in the community.

Nolan Croft, Cameron Hunt, Benton DeGurse, Luc McCormack, and Wesley Jagoo created the project, called 20Time.

Their goal was to help the community in some way by raising money, but still make it fun for both themselves and their school.

“We all like hockey, so we wanted to do something along those lines,” said Hunt.  “We knew we couldn’t have pucks or sticks involved, so we decided to go skating!”

The boys agreed to organize two School Skating Days and have students donate money to participate. They ended up raising $400 from both days.

But they wanted to get even more money so they could help out even more people, so they applied for a grant for $1000 from the government of Ontario.

A couple of weeks later they heard back and they received the grant!

The group then needed to figure out what to put in the backpacks. They chose to include common household necessities, such as rolls of toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

They also added Kleenex, a toque, a pair of mitts, Band-Aids, a blanket, a metal water bottle, socks, deodorant, nail clippers, ChapStick, hair comb, Q-tips, a shaving razor, and a Tim Hortons gift card.

The bags are now all packed and ready to be donated to the River City Vineyard later this year, with the hope it will help less fortunate people living in the community.






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